Cleaning Supplies for Guitars

We’ve done a ton of research and are proud to recommend these supplies to keep your guitar in tip-top shape and looking like new. There’s a lot of satisfaction with taking care of your instrument yourself and that’s why we’re pointing you to the best products to take care of your guitar.

Whether you purchase with the convenient links below or pop on down to your local guitar shop, we hope our product picks point you in the right direction to keeping your guitar maintained properly. Below, we’ve listed the general cleaning supplies first, then guitar strings at the bottom.

*Note: We’ve listed the prices below last time we checked. They may have changed since…

Guitar Cleaners

guitar grease

Guitar Grease

Cloths and Tools

We included the dental toolkit here since it is so useful for removing rust and getting those hard to reach spots.

General Cleaning Supplies


2-pack $29.99



clr rust remover

2-pack $17.49

Guitar Strings

We’ve included links to the most popular guitar strings below but you may find other strings that fit you better. Strings are often a very personal preference.

Acoustic Guitar Strings

Bass Guitar Strings

Electric Guitar Strings

Bass Guitar Strings

Cleaning Supply Pages

We’ve researched cleaning supplies and gear for the following musical instruments:

General Cleaning Supplies

Here’s a few general supplies that are useful for most instruments.

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